Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear You,

it’s been a while
and it doesn’t help that we’re a thousand miles
I haven’t heard from lately
just wanted to know how are you exactly
emotions plays tough games
let them be
if you need some space
i’ll let you be
I hope i dont go overboard with what i feel
it’s just something that i thought would appeal
it’s so obvious that i feel for you still
i just don’t want to give you a hard time with your ideals

dear you,
i’ll take a step back
just let me know
i’d freely freeze out
even though it blows
here comes that feeling
the one that sings the blues
when i’m sitting here blindly wading out the clues
we promised that no matter what
we’ll still be good
because we’re just that
too good for truth
so here i’ll stay
and watch you from afar
with my heart held tight
and its door ajar
so for now i’ll keep still
wait for the next time we say our spiels
and so here i’ll wait, stay and kneel
until we’re all ready to say what we feel


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