Friday, October 16, 2009

Made True To 1 Promise

So I finally made true to one of my purchases for this year. I finally got hold of the iPod that I have placed on hold for a couple of years now.

You see, I'm not the kind of guy that would get gadgets here and there, for me, as long as they work, I'm good with that. My first mp3 player was a pink one given to me by an Uruk Hai. I thank the kind orc for that gift, and that's from the bottom of my heart. It was a 128mb player that made my commutes alright. I thought to myself that that size would be alright since I just need to carry a few selections and such. But I caught myself at a loss when I heard something on the radio and wanted to hear a better version of it in my ear, alas... I didn't have it loaded in my pocket size player.

My 2nd one was an improvement, it was a 128mb Creative MuVo that was given to me by a friend. It was just sitting there in his desk and when he knew that I didn't have that much to carry with, he gave me the MuVo. The MuVo was an improvement since it's sound quality was way better than the Orc gift. The old player went to my mom loaded with her default favorites. These players needed triple-A batteries to work, which was of course a pain in the ass since you had to charge em everytime.

My 3rd one lasted for a year and a half, my ever trusty 1gb Creative Zen Stone. It was a small player, as big as a skipping stone that hid snug in my pockets for that long of a time. This one carried alot of songs, I could drop a whole playlist there of a certain genre. During work, I find myself dumping alternative tracks, and before ball I fill it up with my Balla-list. There'll be rainy days that I need to have some slow ones in em. But... we all know that sooner or later 1gb wouldn't be enough. Yeah it'll last you for a trip, but then again, it doesn't support mood swings. It's not capable of switching from your rainy day mood to something that would prepare you for a fight.

This year, when I finally got a hold of a stable job, and I thank my new family (work) for that, I finally could afford this dream of mine that have evaded me for a couple of years now. I am finally an owner of an iPod. And guess what... It's playing a John Mayer Trio concert too while I'm typing this blog.

The clicker just felt right, the circling of my thumbs through the songs just felt awesome and the videos that would make my passenger butt go through an hour of travel adds spice to the awesomeness that it already is. I love it.

But then again... as my library continues to evolve, as the movies that I wanna load it up continue to progress... in a couple of years more... will it be enough?

Right now, I love her... and I don't think that'll change anytime soon... ... ... ...

True Story.

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Ronnie said...

i own a 120gb for almost a year now at hindi ko pa din napupuno! nasa kalahati pa lang ako. partida kasi may 3 season of tv shows pa yan sa loob at mga movies. i am happy with it.

my protection is an invisible shield. swak!