Tuesday, October 06, 2009

School Boys Schooled The Pros

They're not yet ready for the big leagues, they're too small, I doubt there will ever be a system where 6 footers can beat 7 footers. These are the words of those who doubted the young guys that comprised of the Smart Gilas team that beat the PBA backed RP Team, Powerade 69 to 98.

Their number 1 doubter, the so-called best local coach in the Phils (not! i.m.o.), Coach Guiao, didn't have answers for the perfectly executed plays by the Gilas squad that comprised mostly of college and amateur players. The Gilas squad also have Guiao's former Powerade player and almost Burger King lottery pick Japeth Aguilar, who himself man handled and toyed with the Powerade defense.

Gilas displayed fluid offensive motions that started with point guards Green Archer JV Casio and exiled Tamaraw, Mark Baroca. Picks after picks set the plays to make us see wide open jumpers, three pointers and emphatic slam dunks end it.

American, CJ Giles, finished the game with 22 points, 16 rebounds and 5 blocks to lead the Gilas team to a 29 point victory. FEU Tamaraw JR Cawaling almost broke the century mark as he hoisted a three pointer to end their final play as they winded the shot clock down. I think they didn't want to batter Powerade that much.

This is somehow a biased point since I was a supporter of the Gilas squad since day 1. And maybe the people who watched the game in Araneta last night saw what kind of beautiful basketball these young guys (some of them are still in college) displayed. What's scary about this squad is that they're still gonna grow into their prime together.

That game just proved that team chemistry, and basketball discipline trumps professional experience and talent any day. At least in Philippine soils.

I can't wait to see these guys play in the PBA in the All Filipino cup. I'd probably watch these guys again live. It's basketball love in first sight.

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