Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quite a Year

I still can't believe that November is ending already. Time does fly so fast. It just felt like I turned 24 yesterday.

But what a year it's turning out to be for Filipinos. After being sent down to our knees with consecutive calamities, bastards then came rushing in like they just escaped from Gotham's Arkham Asylum.

Nobody could explain what kind of souls these people have to just have 57 (or probably more) killed without batting an eyelash. And for what reason? Contesting a political position?

After seeing the Gruesome Photos (found here) I'm at a loss for words. Everyone's been crying about it, and I think nobody from the clan would be punished here. I bet their grunts would be the only ones that would feel the lashing from our laws.

Two words for you guys.
Up Yours!

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