Sunday, March 01, 2009

Unexpected Flattery

Before ending the day today, I had a funny experience down at 7-11.

My brother asked me to buy something for him so after dropping off my friend to her destination I headed off to do my brother a favor and buy something for him at 7-11.

While I was paying for that pack of cigarettes the clerk asked me, with a smile, "Sir, ilang taon na po kayo?"... I then relied with a strange look to my friend, a laugh and a high five to the clerk before answering his question. While I was paying I even thanked the man...

An unexpected flattery in an unexpected time... haha I guess being 23 (turning 24 in days time) isn't that bad when you're mistaken to be under 18 hahaha...

off topic: I saw what probably could be one of the baffling sight I've seen this week.
Kids probably at a high school grad ball? prom? or a debut wearing suits and gowns eating hotdogs, siopao and chips inside 711 with alot more of their peers waiting in line.

The event location was just next door... how sad could the food at that event be?

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