Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Week of Unemployment

As of yesterday... 5:00 pm... I, Marco de Jesus, is officially unemployed.

This certain status message caused some activity on my facebook wall asking me what happened and such... to those who did, I thank you for your concern. But starting March 9, 2009 I'd be a part of another organization as a Documentation Specialist.

I was supposed to kick off this week with a round of golf with my dad and some of his friends when colds kicked in... again. And I hate it... I was supposed to be out there, swinging those balls out of the fairway... into mostly patches of rough and having fun... instead I'm stuck with my sweat pants and tissue beside me. Woe... is... me...

I have officially gained weight... thank you very much. And I plan to lose em again, by methods of I have yet to figure out. I'm living with a brother who's trying to gain weight and It's just pure temptation to watch him down one burger after another. It's gonna be one tough ride.

Tough I say... tough.

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