Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Searching for that Happy Pill

Birthday's coming up, and one of my close friends asked me something I've never heard before... any plans for it? Thinking about my past birthdays, I've never really wanted to do anything special there... But maybe, just maybe something special happens.

Right off the bat, I just said that I don't have anyone to really spend it with right now... and so I began ranting about singleness... I guess One really is the loneliest number.

So I think I'd just have to ask my dad to spend the day with me on the golf course and practice for my first ever tournament on the 7th.

After that conversation I found it hard to keep a smile, temporarily I've never really thought what's wrong... I just know something is...

Is it so tough to be noticed?

I wish I could fly
From this building, from this wall
And if I should try,
Would you catch me if I fall?
--When I Fall by the Barenaked Ladies

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