Monday, March 03, 2008

The Edge Of Twenty Two

Exactly an hour from now will be the day I add 1 to my age. It's scary to some, and I know It's a little petty to most.

What can I say, I'm excited and somehow scared. It's been a fun ride, and there's more to expect as you reach the edge of 22. Time just keeps on ticking and sooner or later, I might right something about the dawn of 24.

It's been fun so far, I'm having fun with where I am, but somehow a little frustrated because of reasons that I don't need to write here. I'll just keep on doing what I do until everything breaks loose. Somehow, and in someway I know it will.

Enough about that, what about the 23rd. I'm going to hit my 2nd year of professional life aswell, and I'm starting to budget every cent that I spend from now on. I guess reality will hit you as you recognize that you're far from being 18. It may be fun being young, but it will never hurt leaving that area. You'll just see responsibilities pile up as you add 1 to the total count of you age year after year. I don't know, can't explain but I guess it's all relative and theres nothing I can really do about it. What's better is that Iron Man, Hulk and alot lot more will be showing in the theaters this year so WooHoo!...

So far everything's good, and I guess I should start to act and recognize my age and start accepting the responsibilities that comes along with it.

There, I guess there's nothing much to contemplate when you just start to recognize everything that I said above. There's nothing left to do but write down my goals before hitting 24, and try to achieve them. And that's it as time keeps on pushing me towards the edge of 22... a few more minutes... hang on.

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iRonnie said...

happy birthday bro!