Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i toss and turn
bothered by my demise
delight has clearly robbed me of my prize

i thought i could handle it
i thought i could stand
how could i run away from the one who holds my hand

i have to get up
i have to make a stand
i can never let myself go from my fathers hand

i toss and turn
still thinking about the love i consistently learn
always there to steer me away from a bad turn

somehow i wonder, my father
why do you let me go
knowing that my heart will crumble each time i fall

wounded and shattered,
battered when i falter
hopeless in walking, i'll just crawl to my father

how far would you let me be?
i'm desperate for serenity
knowing you, that's how i need thee

my knees bleed
my palms caloused and filled with dirt
when will i come home and wear you son's shirt

i've gone far enough, i know
4 days enough to let these sorrows show
still wrecked to know what a sacrifice i'm worth

everything you've left behind
just to get me back, and only to find
a crippling love that will always remind

no matter the distance i've gone
in your heart, in your arms
there's home that i'll always find.

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