Thursday, February 07, 2008

I Hope I'm Wrong

"a sight that I wish that I won't see this season"

Today, I woke up hoping that the Suns wouldn't do the drastic change I saw yesterday in the news But then again this image turned up as I went to Y!Sports, and I couldn't agree more with what the front page said. Style Senseless...

So what will happen when you plug in the Diesel with the Formula 1 like offense of the Suns? As of now I can't wrap my head with it. I hope they all know what they're doing, and I pray that I'd have my foot in my mouth by the end of the season.

Well Kerr... All eyes on you now. You could be known in Phoenix as a genius, or someone that will be remembered as the guy who ruined the offense that everybody is envious of. Kerr will definitely feel the Heat in Arizona this year.

On the bright side, Marion won't play for the Suns today (i think) and that's one less player against me this fantasy week... Whew! I'm so sorry Simon. This trade surely hurts both of us.

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