Monday, March 10, 2008

The iPod Touch that eluded me

Yesterday I came to my senses and offered to treat myself with a toy. Something that every music lover would love in their pockets. Yesterday I told myself, I'm getting an iPod touch.

A friend of mine left his in my car, and I did what every human being would do, use it, without permission. I loaded him some of my songs, and I fell in love with its interface and its wonderful browsing. The iPod touch is pretty, cute, and looks like a typical high school cheerleader we see in high school tv series or flicks, but the browser... the browser makes you see that she's a lab rat aswell. Excelling in math and science... I'm on a mission, and I'm gonna make her mine.

So I went on to do a canvass, and my goodness... like how every guy does his binge shopping I went on to agree with the first store that he enters. The deals were, for the 8gb touch, it's 1,250/month for 12 months, for the 16gb touch it'll be 1,666/month for 12 months, for the 32gb touch, I didn't even bother to look, I was sold to the 16gb. These deals were 0% interest and I told myself... whoop-di-friggin-do!!

Well I told my dad sunday morning, and from the get go it seemed to me that he'll go for me. But long story short, my dad iPod blocked me, and gave me until the 31st to decide...

8gb... or 16gb, this is the decision that's revolving around my thoughts right now, on top of the smooth touch screen interface, the touchy touchy awesome safari browser capability, and of course the easy song selection. There's one word to describe all of these things... Sold.

Happy birthday to me... too bad for my budget... hah!

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