Tuesday, August 14, 2007


first of all... happy birthday marsh!

Well just got myself a laptop for my own, so i'm mobile now hehe... Marco is coming to Starbucks' near you. Just got my first hands on deployment with our client today and damnit... when pressure sinks in to your finger tips, the blood goes there aswell... and then i was pale. I never really knew what happened there, but my colleagues sure did some bullying when they saw the left and the right eyebrows meet. The east and west might not meet, but surely the left and the right eyebrow can.

It was a good day, did everything (almost) that needs to be done, and i rewarded myself with Krispy Kreme. By the way try the one with the hersheys toppings... its friggin guilty-licious.
Note: if you're on a diet, forget that i even said anything... runaway from Krispy Kreme... ;)

Well I got the ball back... well played bebang hehehe ;) but like i said, as of now... i really don't want to lose this feeling, i just love loving you... Yikkeeeee... and unlike what i was feeling with the other one before (i really wanted something back) this time, i'm fine with the one way interaction hehe, but still hoping... still hoping...

overall... T'was a good day...

soundtrack: The Space Between - Dave Matthews Band, Before Its Too Late - Goo Goo Dolls, Swallowed In The Sea - Coldplay

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