Sunday, August 12, 2007

Damn You Love

damn you with your everything
the way you know all the triggers
the way you unconsciously hit the things that hurts

damn the way you make my life miserable
damn the same way you give me hope
hope that you're real and i know you

i simply hate the fact that you are
and knowing i cant reach the place where you are
why couldnt you just live in dreams

i simply hate the fact that you dont care
and as much as you dont, i just do
i give so much that i simply do

i hate the fact that i cant see you where you are
i hope that someway somehow i'd do
build something up and start from there

i hate everything about it
and you give every reason why
enumerate everything and we'll soon find out

just the fact that youre there where im not
to the little things that would never tie a knot
im diving into insanity, when its you i think about

youre free, im entangled
by everything that you just pose out
its been long, and i can wait for more

ask me if do i even love something about you?
i'll tell you that i really hate everything about this
simply because i very much love everything that is you.

just by reading this piece again, i realize that it's not really that original, reminds me of that poem julia stiles did in '10 things i hate about you'. but now i just feel the irony of that poem... and it does suck heh


jam said...

"i'll tell you that i really hate everything about this
simply because i very much love everything that is you."

i like this!

jam said...

'damn u' nlng ung title.
o kaya 'the more you hate the more u love'
ahahaha Ü
ano to hs?

Marco de Jesus said...

i'm glad that you did :)

cryxycryx said...

I love that poem from 10 things i hate about you. Kulit eh. Haha.

Marco de Jesus said...

haha yeah, its one of the few circumstances (well maybe not really few) that you just hate to love...

sometimes i do ask myself why, we do have choices to ponder right? but still why go for the complicated stuff... i read this from another blogger... one of the reasons that made me nod my head in agreement... we ask ourselves why? because it is there