Sunday, May 28, 2006

Home Wrecker

Where could i run
To find solidarity
Where could i hide
to where peace resides

My heart is troubled
Matters shattered
What was once happy
Now wrecked and battered

How could this be?
When I got you in me
Where this place i grew
Still the same but anger it brews

Oh where could I run back to
Can you place me in some place new?
But I still ask you to renew
The peace this house once drew

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

5/23 War Encounter

I feel you behind me
i can hear you laughing
snickering mocking my weak flesh

laugh out now for it will pass
I called my Champ, He'll kick your ass
Now let's see who'll run fast

Oh, He's coming
You know it's true
The swine is waiting for you

Kneel in respect
The King is with me
He's the one that set me free

Kneel in respect
Bow your head
You creature of horns and full of red

Burn you will
For in there you dwell
And hide inside the gates of hell

Return no more
Im with my King
Together we will slay your filthy ring

Dont ever come back
Or you will be locked
In prison you will rot and flogged

Monday, May 22, 2006

Feelings of 5-22

how long shall we believe on the norm
that takes us beats us, we're out of form
and we let him snatch us, and our faith torn

how long shall we keep our eyes closed
and of things that are not ours we boast
keep these going pretty soon we're toast

scorched on that porch they seem to know
the fires that will eat us from down below
open your eyes! see others glow!

its not too late, to seal your fate
he loves us so, no need to debate
he loves us so, eventhough we're not that great

oh taste and see his goodness
and feel your heart enter calmness
peaceful and blameless

oh taste and see his presence
better than wine, or the smell of incense
everyone's welcome, no need for license

see him, feel him and peel yourself
of the thick skin that surrounds your pelt
he waits for you, just deny yourself

awaken young people awaken
for this world needs to be shaken
and lets see his arrival quicken

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Love, so beaten and overwritten
Needs someone to change it's meaning
Love, what used to be so powerful
Needs to be saved for it's sake

Love, so tattered and used
Now misinforms individuals of her
Love, has now lost it's way
I need you to come back home

Love, I miss your touch
Break this stone where you used to reside
Love, Im so numb, no pain
I want to cry, I want to weep for pain

Love, so sought and rarely found
is right above us, awaken and feel
Love, a love that never gives up
That kind of love that I cant keep up

The Letter

In love i fell
for i loved too well
not to you
where this love should dwell

i crashed and burned
in this i learned
it should be you
that my heart yearns

In pains and screams
my past it leans
you changed it all
for now im clean

but death still lingers
i can feel his fingers
cover me
lets cripple his fingers

and now i know
of whom to seek
my body withers
eyes starts to leak

my wounds are gone
deeds undone
i thank you Lord
lets do this, lets run

help me endure
i'm in this race
help me catch up
and run your pace

hear my cry
from a heart that yearns
truly yours
my name, of yours

The Warrior in Me

with wars i've fought
on my own i'll fall
alone fighting
a burden too much to hold

i seek to my King
with news I bring
strongholds fell
I need my King

He arrives in radiance
with victory in his lance
my King arrives
Then we, as victors, we dance

In this dance, we're not alone
with worship around his throne
and through your whispers
struggle is overthrown

for Holy you are in your name
and be Holy I shall remain
and in this rock you portray
Brings death to anguish and pain

I abandon myself, to you I come
No regrets, to you, I run
My life is yours, I cry to you
You captivated my heart, this towers for you

Come my King, rebuild this wall
My refuge, my tower that I call
My King, My King dont let me fall
Save me, I'm yours, my cry, my all...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

As Morning Comes

As morning comes
Your smile sets upon my face
The day goes along
You embrace me leaving trace

As morning comes
Forgiveness showers over my deeds
The day goes along
My smile sets upon your face

As morning comes
Our conversation remains intact
The day goes along
My love grows, thats a fact

As morning comes
Your light covers darkness
The day goes along
You complete me to your likeness

As morning comes
Your smile sets upon my face
The day goes along
Weariness is gone...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Solid! [The Creator Desires] from

The Creator desires to bring the created into the communion shared between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. His determined desire is to bring us into the fullness of His embrace. The highest privilege God has given the human race is the unthinkable invitation to enjoy intimacy with Him.

He keeps the angels within the boundary lines of servanthood, yet He gives invitation to the human race to enter into the unthinkable: intimacy with Himself. He invites us to cast ourselves into the depths of eternal love and fellowship with the Trinity. Only redeemed humans are invited past that ancient boundary line to interact in intimacy with Him.

When Jesus spoke, “Father I desire that they would be with Me where I am,” (John 17:24) He affirmed the ever-present desire of God from eternity -- that humanity would be near to Him, entering into the fellowship of the Godhead. This place of communion is the place from which we were brought forth and the place that we will return. History began in a garden and will end with a wedding. The fullness of love is our destination.

Communion with God is the continual expression and experience of mutual affection between God and the human heart. Not only do we receive His love but we experience the absolute delight of loving Him in return. I John 4:19 “We love Him because He first loved us.” The reward of our lives now and for all eternity is to love Him and to receive His love.

Communion with God flows out of likeness to Him. God cannot commune with that which is unlike Him. Therefore, it is as we are transformed, that we come into greater communion and union with God. This does not mean that we can know no communion with God until we are made perfectly holy.

Communion with God is a growing reality that matures in correspondence with our growth in holiness. In as much as we are transformed into His likeness, from glory to glory, our communion with Him expands. The very tasting of initial intimacy ruins us so that we cannot remain where we are. Our souls demand a greater entrance into the glorious intimacy for which we were created.

There are two parts of communion with God: the hunger and the satisfaction. It is longing for God which carves out a chamber within our hearts and makes room for Him to come to us. And this paves the way for the second side of communion; the manifest experience of Divine Love and Communion with Jesus.

Though this causes satisfaction, these manifest embraces of God only instigate deeper longing for God. And this new hunger will lead us to yet another encounter of His embrace.

We often treat the realm of love as though it were so far off. Even in our cries of longing, we give evidence of how mysterious we think it is. “Oh God, why are You so far? When will You come near?” Much of our longing does not come out of a true understanding of God’s proximity to us. He is near when we imagine He is far. Matt 28:10 “Lo, I am with you always”

We must be careful to not possess a theology of barrenness. We must know this about God: He delights to be near to us. He delights to come close and to speak to our hearts. He has come nearer to us than any man or angel would have thought conceivable. He dwells within our very beings. Have we responded to His invitation to fellowship with Him there?

He is always nearer than we imagined and there is always greater nearness to be known.

Dana Candler, 4/4/2006


Directed and made
Puposedly formed to walk today
Not yesterday nor tomorrow
Right is the time for us to see
Awakened to whats happening
Unashamed to the path im taking
Walking among radicals to revolt
To break the walls that encapsulates us all
Get out from that zone youre comforted in
To meet the one who we're supposed to meet
Dedicated to all your plans
Fascinated on the process, excited on the outcome
Preparing the way for the rain
The pouring of your spirit in the promised time
For our frame was not hidden from you
when we were made in the secret place
You know what we'll be
Your eyes saw my unformed body
All the days ordained for me was written
Even before one of them came true
Planned we were, To be what we we're to be
So why ask?
Am I confused? Well...
The title is

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sweet Surrender

I may lack words
I may lack everything you look for
but all i am is yours

My eyes could not satisfy
My ears may not comprehend
but all I am is yours

As I have recieved sacrifice
To what degree I may not know
You didnt have to

Who am I to deserve that
Who was I to be given of such
a sacrifice thats hard to comprehend

Oh the Love that I tasted
Oh what sight to behold
all I am is yours

My heart screams, craves and yearns
Your face, I will seek
Your heart I will chase

For you knew me to what I'll be
You know whats best for the rest
All I am is yours...


Yesterday, I took my final interview at GIS. And finally, strike my name out from the unemployed demographic. Say hello to a soon to be tax payer wahahaha :)

Anyway, yesterday was a truly blessed day for me. Of course being hired is a special happening, what I love about the position the company gave is that I have the chance to interact with people. Which is always good. Spent all day with the gang (Gravity) and just talking in fellowship, sharing our fascination with Abba is just enough to make the day right.

I'm telling you that since the day that I truly accepted Christ as my Lord, Savior, and Lifetime Partner, my life began to be like a jiggsaw puzzle. One by one it all falls down to pieces, since day 1 of my birth, and the path that lead to where I am now. What I am supposed to do... What I am made for.

Later that night I just couldnt stop sharing my revelation on Matthew 25 to my friends after the Gravity Service (Every Friday 6:30, South City Church, Festival Mall, right on top of National Bookstore) . Building a personal relationship with Abba, within your own secret room, a lifestyle of prayer and fasting and not of waiting and complaining. A lifestyle of holiness and hatred towards sin. A lifestyle of pursuing "One Thing" (Psalms 27:4). Breaking the walls of religion and just pursuing the Man that has a burning passion towards us.

Matthew 6:6 (NASB)
But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

*i recommend you read the whole chapter

Friday, May 12, 2006

From Love to Love

my heart screams
my emotions linger
these sessions starts a sunder
my dreams from thoughts, I ponder

someone to cry the time has come
awaken and meet the one who is to come
prepared or delaying, where do we place?
alas some fall short of heart to finish

a race that runs in our own pace
a marathon to see our perseverance
how far can we go...
how far will we go...

reasons to run, a reason for fun?
happy to do so? forced to be here?
questions remain as we take this path
a narrow road that a few find

see the way, see the end
love the journey, seek the glory
for those who endures, knows whats in them
we're this far, lets take the extra mile.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

i just have to share this one...

I just cant let this go down without me posting what happened...
If Indy's going to use this title "The Day I Fell for Him" for his journal... mine is...

"The Day I Crashed Into Him"
*wink wink*

This day started with a bang... getting a message from someone, a fruitful quality time with God, and an interview that went well. But of course the pinnacle of the day was when I attended the Youth Conference (Initiated by Acts13) titled: Prepare the Way.

It all began with a good worship, and we heard this band from Olongapo that sang their original songs and it was good... Ill try to post a clip soon. But their songs hah! It really moved the people on that conference, I was so blessed just hearing them.

The preaching was about the Living water (John 4:13-14), and it depicts the Holy Spirit (The spirit of Christ in us) being our fountain inside. The spring that rises within our hearts, that overflows and gushes out of the temple (Which is us). And then the altar call came. And I was led into the crowd in front. Everybody was there, surrendering, abandoning themselves so that they will gain more of him who gives the living waters. The movement of the Spirit was really felt in the place, and I can just see them get drunk by the Spirit as they fell one by one.

And when I saw my friend got slain, and Pastor Keith heading to me, I told myself that I wont drop. But the title just speaks for itself. I crashed. I felt his hands over me and just hearing "Anointing" then bam... my knees starts to wobble as I crashed among the monobloc chairs.
It was an amazing experience, I really felt it, his presence all over the place, how the Spirit just moved to one kid to another.

And I began to see them leading their own groups of laying hands, healing of the sick and preaching and doing signs and wonders. Forerunners in the making...
Prepare the way... prepare the way for the Lord...

[Psalms 34:8]
(8) O, taste and see that the LORD is good;
How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!