Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Untitled VII

I couldve locked the door
I couldve ended it all
Took your keys and shut it close
But i just couldnt take what you took

My heart is aching i cant stay
My fists closed as i hit the wall
Im stuck in your presence
In your absence

Messages from the deep is killing me
Too far, i cant run anymore
I'm giving up, laying it all down
Even if it gives me an all day frown

Like the song says, we couldve been more
I just cant take it, I'll never get to be with you
My feelings, I'll bury youre free
No more of this, No remedies

Im shattered, devastated, and battered
Cracked open, bare and naked
I'll leave this empty, clean and raked
We couldve been more...

When will these feelings fly.

1 comment:

jam said...

"when will these feelings fly."
un na un e.
ehehehe :D