Friday, March 31, 2006

"Hello World"

*sigh* this is it... we, graduates, are now officially unemployed. so eager to slack, so eager to just lie down and get back what school took... our moments in our bed hah. How come the thought of finding a job just bewilders me. Should i pursue the career of being a bum for a while? or will i just shoot the moon and go? Decisions, these are the stuff that makes adulthood hard.

I'm going to Aurora tomorrow along with m friends in church to restore Hope to the devastated place. Laugh all you want, but i want to wake up from the comforts of the urban life. I want my eyes to open on whats around, with that maybe, i might see things clearer...
Matt 14:22
Like Peter did, Im getting out of my boat... and you know how the story goes... you know who i am seeking, and who i am going to... with the raging seas and everything, if He says so, so be it.

side note:
6 days without computers, maybe phone (stupid sun), tv, this will be a trial for me hehe wish me luck :P

this is something like a soul searching thing for me
1 week hiatus from the comforts of technology and a bed... lets go!

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Cocco de Leon said... least you're going to aurora and really doing something unlike you know who..who keeps on talking trash about subic..then aurora.. helicopter ride back and forth?..#@$%@&@