Friday, February 24, 2006

An open letter, To the idiots bitching in the street (from email)

An open letter
To the idiots bitching in the street,

Thanks a lot guys! Thank you for clogging up the city's main roads. Thanks for disrupting the country's business capital again. And thank you for fucking up the economy. You should pat yourselves on the back for accomplishing so much today. God knows nobody else accomplished as much today because you upset everybody else's normal everyday lives. And hey, I bet you guys needed something to do. Boredom can really be a bitch.

By the way, good thinking on doing this on a weekday! The people who needed to work today had a sort of day off. I guess you felt they needed that. You know, everyone who got stuck in traffic, and the employees who had to miss a day's pay because you couldn't wait to 'celebrate' EDSA's anniversary on it's proper date, which should have been tomorrow. But hey, we understand that kind of thinking. If you did it tomorrow, on a weekend, no one would really give a shit, would they? So we totally understand that you just had to do it today. You sure pissed a lot of people off! Good job!

I'm trying to imagine how exciting this time must be for you guys. You must have been up all night, trying to think of clever stuff to paint on your signs and placards and banners for your big day tomorrow. Waking up this morning, you guys must have felt like grade-schoolers getting dressed for their school’s foundation day. I really loved one sign I saw on TV, which read, "FIGHT POVERTY!" How clever! How utterly inspired! Imagine, parading around, braving the hot sun, letting everyone know how much you want to alleviate poverty. It’s a bit ironic though -- wanting to fight poverty while disrupting the lives of everybody else in the city who are actually trying to work today. If you think about it, maybe the idea for that slogan ain’t so hot. I just want to know why you’d want to clog the streets with your spectacle, bothering the people who’re really trying to fight poverty by actually working?

You guys must really be bummed because the police cracked down on your little party at EDSA today. They even arrested some of the dudes who wanted to get the party started. I feel ya, dogs. Here’s an alternative: why not hold the party at the big houses of the politicians rallying with you? Those guys are loaded! You should see their big yards and swimming pools. I bet they would even volunteer to take some of y’all on their shiny new SUVs and big, bad-ass Benzes. If only someone came up with that idea. That would be a hell of a party. It sure beats braving the hot sun. On the other hand, maybe being blasted with water from fire trucks is more fun than it looks.

The president pulled another party-pooper again, proclaiming a state of emergency and banning all rallies off the street. That must’ve pissed you guys off even more, right? She’s practically suppressing your rights! But don’t worry guys. There’s a lot of other fun stuff you can still do that’s within your rights. Like drinking gasoline. Or jumping off a bridge. Try it! Let’s see her make a rule banning that! That’ll show her.

I understand the anger. Heck, no one wants to pay higher taxes, right? Who cares about the improving economy because of that anyway? Maybe you guys don’t pay your taxes, so party on! One thing though, after everything’s said and done, she’s still in the palace, the taxes are still in place, but the economy suffered because of all the stunts you all planned. If only you guys could put your act together so everybody would have something to show for it. But maybe that wasn’t your fault. I’m sure you expected more people there with you, since the ex-president’s son kept insisting that 85% of the country is on your side.

What’s up with the police messing up the gathering? Man, that sure ruined everything, right? After all the planning, the hours thinking up the clever little chants, then having everyone memorize the words. They practically negated hours and hours of work! What’re you gonna do with the big banners now? What’s gonna happen to the big paper-mache heads of George Bush and GMA that you all made to burn in front of the news cameras? There goes your 15 minutes of fame.

Oh, well. Cheer up guys, you still accomplished a lot today.
Anyway, there’s always tomorrow. It’s not like you guys have anything better to do, right?


lino/neo said...

hehehe, right on marco...
is this your composition? i'd like to forward it on our bulletrin board if I may...

Marco de Jesus said...

i just recieved this on my email... well i dont know who the author of this piece is... so i guess you could post it.