Friday, January 13, 2006

The Wonder of Torrents

Im just having a quick R & R before going back on working with my thesis. And writing about something eventhough you guys already know about it is relaxing and gets my mind working.

Anyway, what is a torrent? It's way of getting your stuff from the internet through P2P (peer-2-peer networking) aside from your Kazaa, Bearshare, E-Mule or Limewire. It does the same thing, gives you stuff for free. May it be music, games, movies or utilities. The only difference between P2P softwares and torrents is that torrents gives you the whole package. Its archived for you to download everything in one click.

In softwares like Limewire, you search for a particular song, and you download them one by one, torrent softwares can provide you a .torrent of a whole album (if you like all of the songs in that album). Another advantage between a torrent and using P2P softwares like limewire (alright ill just call it P2P softwares) is that you can check the comments made by a person who already has the file, since you have to pass through a site (ex. Torrentspy or TorrentBox) before downloading torrents.

And in a nutshell, torrents can give you the whole package. Just like having the whole cd ripped for 4 or more hours (depends on the filesize and your download speed).

Thats all, :D

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