Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ultraelectromagneticjam - The music of the Eraserheads

Hindi mapakali, magdamag hinahanap... thats music for me, I cant live without my earphones plugged on my ears. We listen to it while we walk, we do homeworks, while travelling, or while taking a crap. And whats amazing about music, is we leave it for 10 or more years and it comes back to you bringing your past memories while listening to them. You talk about it with people among your age bracket. When you hear songs like "Ang Huling El Bimbo" you just suddenly talk about it with them. How about a whole new tribute album for the band that brought music to my childhood days? A tribute to the music of the Eraserheads who gave us a whole new meaning of what OPM is back in the 90's. The band that opened our ears with their lines "Di ba T*ng Ina!" is definitley worth the tribute, and the 300Php that I exchanged for this bliss.

10 or so years ago, we begin to brag about our walkman and no walkman is found without Ultraelectromagneticpop, Circus, or Cutterpillow plugged in it.

Now that we have our iPod's and W800i's, it brings back the days where we walk hand in hand with our old portable casette players, to the digitalized colorful "chuva" we call mp3 players, and still with our favorite Eraserheads songs, sung by today's OPM kings and Queens.

When I bought the album, i was kinda disappointed not to find 2 of my oldtime favorite E-heads songs, "Waiting for the Bus, and Poorman's Grave) but finding almost all of their hits in it.

I like almost all of it but to mention some of the tracks, i like South Border's version of With a Smile (although the original is still better, but its a new sound of the already good song), Orange and Lemon's Huwag kang Matakot semi-medly (with riffs of Julie Tearjerky and background singing of Tikman's chrous). Of course Imago's Spoliarium revision is on my top ranking among the favorites. Francis M's Super Proxy 2k6 brings back the heavy tunes and of this song with a much harder strum (hooray for distortions). And the soothing voice of Juris of MYMP reinvented another Cutterpilow hit "Huwag Mo nang Itanong" adding a relaxing acoustic and piano tunes to it. Of course Radioactive Sago Project will never be left out of my list, their smashing jazzy chuva tunes rendered into Alcohol. Sugarfree and Rico J. Puno wraps up the favorites with their cover of Tikman (a song written for Burger Machine commercial) and Ang Huling El Bimbo.

Other tracks that are included are the following:

Magasin (Paolo Santos)
Overdrive (Barbie Almalbis)
Ligaya (Kitchie Nadal)
Pare Ko (Spongecola)
Hard To Believe (Cueshe)
Maling Akala (Brownman Revival)
Para Sa Masa (Various Artists)

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