Monday, January 30, 2006

Not enough

will i ever find courage
will i ever see my dream
will i ever feel the warmth
of arms around me beside a furnace

dreams foretold
dreams i'll hold
real worlds a mess
everythings just a miss

will i still believe in love
to hope and care?
or just be cold and bare
for i seek the person who's no longer there

i always think its not fair
for all the love i give
i dont even get my share
now tell me whats fair

im enraged, im angered
but love still lingers
with hope, i hold on my dreams
head on my way, its not enough

so i bid farewell to you
dark and cold
twisted and bothered
thats how ill leave
farewell to the light

1 comment:

jam said...

"for all the love i give
i dont even get my share"

nadale mo gregg.
hehehe :D