Thursday, September 02, 2004

Slow Day Can It End Like Right Now?

i didnt go to class today... i just slept and took my well deserved rest... theres no quizzes today, just this linggo ng wika presentation all day... so theres nothing to do... i just took the day off...

thesis, i need to finish this thesis, a music database program, plus a manual i just remembered that september 18 will be our day of defense. im planning to start everything tomorrow, and thats final... start and finish everything and i mean everything tomorrow.

im supposed to play football today, such a lovely day for the game, but im knackered, slept late last night and damn tired. and i dont want to show in school just for the game, if i was an asshole i would hehehe knowing my profs knows me well i wouldnt show up... ill play next week :D ill just visit the gym later...

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