Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Memoirs of the Wandering Dreamer: Reloaded #1

I got stuck with this phrase "The right place, at the right time" and now im wondering when will this time come... or will it ever happen at all? Some say its inevitable, some say its just a saying. For me, everything is the right place at the right time. Again enter this old saying that "Everything happens for a reason".

I'll bring it all back to yesterdays story, yesterday was a good day to let a blog to pass. Yesterday was my official return to the pitch. And knowing myself as a hardcore Real Madrid fan, i was forced to wear my Barcelona jersey, reason? i got nothing else to wear. Anyway, it was a lovely game that ended up with a lot of goals. I can tell that my defense has picked up, although i got tired easily, but i did my best and it was good enough to let the goals pile up for our team. We won the first leg 6-1 and lost the second leg 5-3. To cut the story short i ended up straining my leg muscles. And i felt it just this morning. Back to yesterdays story when we were about to go home, me and my friend decided to hang out in our friends house within our village. We had a healthy "Man talk". Experiences, stories, with some cigarettes. And upon listening to everything we shared, failed relationships, successful relationships, basically our ups and downs. I came back to the phrase "The right place at the right time". Everything that happens is the Right place and the right time. Theres no wrong place, unless you end up getting killed between a gunfight, but its all about Experiences, experiences makes it all right, experiences makes it all fine. Whether you end up sobbing or drinking a beer over it its a lesson learned. Thats why its inevitable, thats why its called fate, its how life goes. A flick of a coin like my friend says, you dont know whether its heads or tails but you know its either of the two. Now i dont know where im going with all this but Real Madrid should win some games. Heh... Sooner or later its all going to end your way... or my way...

Now, are you going my way?...

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