Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Is this for real? tell me im not dreaming...

i'm back! well at last i finished my baby thesis, the program, documentations, defense, everything... and to cut the long story short, it was all good, we passed!! and that means that the lowest grade that i can get is 90. anyway that was yesterdays story.

i just woke up from rest, today will be the start of "the rest of my life." and to jump it off is two capsules of hydroxycut hehe. what is hydroxycut? dietary supplements... lost 2 lbs from it so far :D.

Now for this weeks news, sports news that is... :).

Jose Antonio Camacho stepped down as Real Madrid manager and is replaced by his deputy Mariano Garcia Remon.

Now for my opinion: how can they have solid performance if they cant keep up with coaches? how can they polish the plays with different coaches every year? or every month? i dunno but Real has to get up from the slump theyre in right now.

thats all... the title has nothing to do with the content... its something else ;)

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