Monday, December 14, 2009


Distance sings a song
it goes with a tune that I can't belong
Pain now hums along a tune
My name along with the casualties it prunes

Why should I sit and stare
Along the vast sky with blinding glare
I still hold what tomorrow would bring
Chin up, stand up, a new song to sing

I know someday, this will all be over
For the distance that now beholds her
On that day when I come over
We'll be closer, we'll be closer

These words I heard over a song
Gives me hope where I could belong
I changed a bit to make it mine
and in time, your hand in mine

I don't know what else to think
your image pops out everytime I blink
and right now I know both are far to link
but then there's still these ideas to sink

that someday, this will all be over
that distance will no longer hold her
for one day I'll come over
finally, we'll be closer

Can we start over?
Some lines inspired from The Fray's song Syndicate.

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