Friday, December 12, 2008

When The Country Is Torn Again

How much is enough? Apparently nothing is enough when one has delved deep into greed.

Today the country again is torn into two, those who are fighting for whatever dignity this country has, and those powerful few that wouldn't give a flying f*** what happens to their people. Public servants my ass.

Rumors around the news lines and the local interwebs have been buzzing about the immenent change of the 1987 Constitution that would allow current President Arroyo to stay in power way past the year 2010. Thus forcing people to step out of their circles just to display their protest and their disapproval of this ruckus. 

How much more will this country bleed into submission?

I refuse to believe that this country will remain at its current stature as the 2nd most corrupt country in the whole friggin world. No, this country deserves better. I refuse to accept the fact that this country will remain as a 3rd world country... 

From the outside looking in, our big ass tax percentage, VAT, and E-VAT should be enough to keep this country out of the fritz. Maybe as far as out of it's debt. How many people eat at Jolibee and McDonalds everyday? take out 10% (VAT) of it and see how much money should be spent on our country...

Then enter our natural resources, we have alot of Gold mines out there, Silver, Nickel and Copper too (according to my Tito who basically knows alot about mining), but then again I don't think we own these mines anymore, this country is being sold out to others... Bled... out of its life. Again this is from someone outside looking into more details.

And now politics, our crazy politics. Sure economy rised after the fall of former President Estrada, but we could've been more. If expenses of certain projects are trimmed from their "extra crap". Based on the fertilizer crap and the former ZTE deal... which amounts to billions of friggin dollars are spent properly on this country then improvements would certainly be felt and seen.

I want my taxes seen!!!!! not just on asphalt patches on our streets!!!! F###!!!!!!!

Next thing you'll know you're going to see the assitant secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the Philippines in the ring beside Manny Pacquiao. For crying out loud? Do you have to display yourselves there? Isn't it enough that you guys saw the fight? You just have to shout yehey in the ring that you don't have anything to do with...

And then your First Gentleman is rumored to be denied of entry in the United States because of undergoing investigation on Money Laundering of which he "could" be involved.

And yet... Economy is improved from previous Governments... F### ME! Too much shame has this current administration have given this country. So far this current administration have seen so many demonstrations and coup de etat attempts compared to the other ones... 


I mean... We could have more reasons than Pacquiao to be proud of...

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