Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jason Richardson -> Phoenix

The trade wires began buzzing again this morning (Manila Time) as the Phoenix Suns traded two familiar faces in Raja Bell and Boris Diaw to Charlotte for Jason Richardson. Sean Singletary of the Suns is also included in the trade along with Jared Dudley and future 2nd round pick going to Phoenix.

On paper, I'd be happy with the trade, this trade would certainly boost their ratings in either NBA 2K9 or NBA Live 09, I'm just not sure what it would do to the franchise. The Suns basically gave up a little bit of their depth of the bench and their most tenacious defender in Bell. But honestly, what would you do with a player who's not thriving in the new system that Coach Porter is using. 

Jason Richardson, a 2 time slam dunk champion, capable of shooting threes and basically an entertaining player to see on court, will be able to help the Phoenix Suns get more points but will he really answer the very thing that Suns GM Steve Kerr, and coach Terry Porter wanted to improve? Defense?

... at least Kerr did something good to this team... will reserve my comments later on.

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