Thursday, July 12, 2007

Offseason Drama

It's summer season in the western world, and most likely the most watched time in sports like the NBA, and Soccer. With that being said, I would like to vent out my thoughts regarding the two teams I support, the Phoenix Suns, and the reigning La Liga Champs, Real Madrid.

After a whole season where tension and pressure is clearly seen with the players who perform in the court or the pitch, the offseason would be the playing grounds for their respective front offices, and honestly I'm not liking how they're turning out for the Suns, and a bit mediocre for the defending champs, let's start with the Suns.

Phoenix Suns (eliminated in the Western Conference Semi's against the Spurs 4-2)
In: Grant Hill, DJ Strawberry(r), Alando Tucker(r)
Out: James Jones, Rudy Fernandez(r), Pat Burke*, Jalen Rose*
After a heart breaking end for their season, I was expecting a shake up in the Suns roster that would finally boost them up for contending against the San Antonio Spurs, and would finally get that coveted Larry O'Brien trophy next season. The Suns have been linked with the most targeted superstar in the NBA, Kevin Garnett, for Marion or Stat and obviously some of their unused bench. After that failed, moving up into the draft was the next option for a shakeup but like the previous one, then came, Grant Hill and his weak ankles.

I have nothing against the former 3rd pick overall, but I wouldn't shout out a Hoyay for this acquisition as well. I would like to be optimistic, but I don't think Hill would be that much of a help... Let's face it, our former 2 time MVP aint getting young anymore and along with it, hopes of that NBA title. I just hope Tucker would be that kind of a rookie that Phoenix always drafts (Finley, Nash, Marion, Stat). And as usual, hope for the good.

On the bright side... the self proclaimed 3-point specialist, James "can't shoot for shit" Jones went to Portland along with Rudy Fernandez. I just hope ditching Fernandez would not be that of ditching Sergio "who turned out to be a good point guard" Rodriguez.

Real Madrid (2006-2007 Spanish League Champions)
In: Bernd Schuster, Pepe, Cristoph Metzelder, Saviola, Baptista(l), Soldado(l)
Out: Fabio Capello, David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Jose Antonio Reyes(l)
It's a wee scary when you look at the transfers done by arch-rivals, Barcelona, Thierry Henry, Yaya Toure, and most likely Gabby Milito. And as for Real Madrid, we basically splurged 30ME for uncapped brazilian (but displays an awesome future as a CB) with Pepe, a couple of pretty good free transfers in El Conejo and Metzi, and still we havent addressed the most important position that any football club would need, the midfield. Looks like theres going to be no Kaka next year, and we're still waiting on the Robben saga, which in my opinion, favors Real Madrid, and Reyes as of now is still an Arsenal player.

A few players have been linked with the champs, including the likes of Chivu, Van der Vaart, and the Mijatovic show has not come to its close yet... so expect more transfers in the coming weeks... with that being said, I believe that we have to prepare for more teeth grinding frustrations...

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