Monday, July 02, 2007

The 2nd of July

After a week of grief, and reminiscing funfilled memories of my Tita Jojo, who passed away last week, we're now back on track. Everyone trying to recover, trying to cope with a loss of a loved one isn't as easy as it seems. She's always a part of the family, that certain Ultra family clan, a tight knitted family friends that really doesnt have any blood connections (well to some there is) but calls each other cousins. As a matter of fact, I see them almost everyday durin my childhood years, these people were more close than a cousin to me. This Saturday, when the eulogies was made, it came clear how everyone really got connected to each other. It was like reading, or watching a movie discussing the origin of a really big family.

To Tita, well, you're with God right now, in a better place, in a better world, a place where there's no sadness, no grief, nothing depressing, nothing but love and delight. How I envy your new place. You'll never leave our hearts, you'll always be missed, and remembered. Tita, you may have never heard me, but I was there until your final breath, I never really said goodbye, maybe because I can't, until last Saturday, or until now... Arrivedeci, and till we meet again.

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