Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Its amazing to see how it all fits
A life of one man just starting to bloom and to be complete
How each moment represents a jigsaw puzzle piece
that was once seen alone
and when you start to put it together
a beautiful picture appears as the pieces hold together as one
how they form a beautiful sight to those who see
to those who see it as a unity, as a perfect cooperation of each
something sweet, something beautiful
something to behold as you gaze upon it

Lord, I thank you for making me whole and new. Thank you for giving me a new reason, a new idea and a whole new persepective. A new way to look at things, no longer will I be a "que sera sera". Thank you for giving me a direction, a map, a vision and to keep me on track

Lord, I thank you for the wonders that you continue to show me, thank you and the words that you just give me day after day after day. But basically, as broken as I was before, hard-headed and stubborn, You still sought me, and brought me home.

I pray that I wont lose sight, nor lose my way towards the destination, Lord may all things I encounter will reveal itself if it's from you or of this system. Protect my heart for it is known to be weak of such things, equip me with your wisdom. Lord let not my heart be decieved again, But I also pray Lord that let this be it, a somebody that could just add to the overwhelming joy that I have with you. In your name, I pray... Amen

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lino said...

yes, amen to that...