Thursday, April 06, 2006

Aurora Log:

I finally found what was missing in my life. I finally found joy and hapiness in exchange for the gloom and sadness i felt before leaving Manila. I finally saw the place in which i reside in delight.
In love, joy, and unexplainable hapiness. You might find me strange, you might see me different all of a sudden. Paul (once Saul the Roman Commander) was once.

Its amazing just to see when youre stripped of all the stuff you're used to, technology, vices, and just the stuff that keeps you busy to meditate and just search for your soul. Im ready, I give my life to THE POTTERS HANDS.

And in my sleep you renewed my dreams
No longer tormented, no longer in gloom
But living in love and intimacy
With YOU, im new...

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jam said...

hehehe :o