Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gutted and Disgusted: Real Madrid

We can blame anyone after a loss. But can we be that any worse? From a prominent figure in European Football to the worlds current laughing stock? From the team to beat now the team that's beat?

What happened to our wonderful games from the day of Di Stefano and Puskas? What happened to the only team that held a unique European CL Cup? Why are we held down to 29 European cups and 9 domestic cups? What is happening to "The" Real Madrid?

Some people blame it on managerial errors, some on our so-called Galacticos, and lately some blame it on the referees.

We do have some managerial problems since our President focuses more on gaining income than winning. Real Madrid also sacks and buys coaches like changing our underwear. Selling one of our best strikers for an unproven one is still baffling. And playing 5 new players simultaneously on the field just doesnt do the trick.

Our so-called Galacticos are aging, and simple as that, it creates problems on our lineup. We rely on them game in and game out, and given that theyre 30 years old and more just adds insult to the injury. Zidane is missing when our midfielders are running like headless chickens. He along with Baptista, Ramos, and maybe Helguerra will miss the next match against Bilbao due to injuries and suspensions. What happens to our defense now? Are we going to go with Paco Pavon and Mejia or should we play our ever priceless Jonathan Woodgate.

The referee, well its pretty self-explanatory. Theyre screwing us 3 ways till Sunday. Calling a foul and then counting a goal. Giving a point when the ball obviously never passed behind the line. And finally disallowing a goal when its clearly not offside.

We have lost 3-2 against Celta, 3-0 against Lyon, and 1-0 against Espanyol. What should we expect on the Bilbao match since we're clearly depleted and shorthanded. Who will step up? Will anyone step up, and rise for the occasion? Will we ever get our 30th and our 10th? Will Luxa stay and live up to his promise that he'll win all competitions?

So many questions are being asked here, its still the start, and its still a long way to go. The season has just began and we just woke up in the bad side of the bed. I myself still believes that everything will be alright and like a great Madridista once said. "Even if were in the segunda, i'll still bleed white"

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