Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Bloody Friday

I woke up this morning not expecting this to happen to our usual lunch getaway.

Today, October 19, 2007, around 1:30 pm, Glorietta 2 became the latest victim of what could be an act of terrorism. Because I doubt that with an explosion with this intensity was caused by an LPG tank.

And now I find myself stuck in front of the television set watching news. I never found myself watching news for more than 10 minutes, but this time it's different. I could've been there, good thing our Glorietta trip that day was called off because others had something in their mind.

My prayers go out to the families affected by this tragedy, and strength to those who risk their time and lives to rescue the people that was there when the bombing happened.

And I guess we just lost one starbucks in that area.

And this just in... PNP is not ruling out an LPG explosion... oh... my... goodness... take a look at the devastation please, i dont think a liquified petrolium gas tank could've caused something like that. This is something else guys... eyes open.

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