Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Untitled II

i kept on smiling
i kept on laughing
somehow i found myself hurting

alone in the piercing cold
running alone bold
searching for something to hold

still smiling
still laughing
somehow i managed to wander more

lost and weary
tired and hungry
try to pull myself together

breathing heavy
breathing slowly
it will come soon...

i felt something snap
knees folding
everything hurting

here i fought
here i lied
here i died

no one noticed
no one knew
no one saw me
no one not even you

you thought i was fine
but i was not
it was my fault
to hide it all

you saw me laughing
when i was hurting
i told you i wasnt alone
when i am by myself

it wasnt me
it was you
who stabbed me
and squeezed my life


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