Wednesday, March 17, 2004

fairy tale

sometimes we cant stop thinking about something after watching a mushy movie... haha what if this happens what if that happens... i myself is a victim of this everytime i watch mushy movies.

thats why sometimes we have to watch out what we are believing in movies... maybe one day that particular actor will go out and candidate for presidency... anyway, these are all dreams. fairy tales if i may. where every moment is happy and it always end in happy endings. soulmates, fate, the inevitable... but sometimes its amazing how we end up seeing the same things from the big screen. we meet someone unexpected, then later, we find that we have similar opinions in such things as love... quotes, lines, phrases... same thing opinions and views, the same. its also unbelievable to know how it all happened. hehe well i guess sometimes fairy tales are real.

have you ever got that feeling when you met someone for the first time but then you felt that youve known her all your life? is it just me? hehe i just did. again the inevitable.

i did something silly before, hehe i was deeply in love with this certain person... and one time while lying alone on the shore where the stars gives you the mood of being in love. i just asked a star to fall if this feeling that i have with this certain girl is going to end up somewhere, particularly marriage... and to my surprise one fell hehe i doubted that star i asked another one then poof poof poof... 3 fell down simultainously... that was the time when i really believed in fate. it all broke down one day when everything i had was gone... a second present now... a second gone later... it comes and it goes...

they say love is an inspiration to jump. they say love makes the world go round... some say love is for fools... it all made sense at last... im a fool myself... love is really for fools... have you heard yourself talk when youre in love? you might laugh when you speak long and very meaningful words that didnt exist before. for me... love is the "i dont know" reaction... lost for words... for me thats love... why do i love this person... i dont know... because love dont come with reasons... its a feeling... a connection that exist between to people that are capable of feelings. thats love... we really cant derive words out of it... it is a dead word... love is love. :D well anyway... just a share of thoughts... have nothing to do here anyway... till then ta tah!

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